Impact of Dwell Ministries

Julie truly has a God-given gift for spiritual direction, which I think of as a conversation between three friends – me, Julie and God. Julie is not there to tell me what God is saying. Instead, she listens to me and God, asks questions and often simply notices a word, phrase or feeling from the conversation that brings clarity or deeper understanding to what God is doing in my life.

Also, as a women, I think it often helps me “process” my conversations with God by sharing them with Julie. And I can’t even count how often Julie will open us up with a passage of scripture, a prayer or something else God has put on her heart that is exactly what God has be saying or working on in me… & this is at the start of our session before I’ve shared anything, so obviously she’s talking with God beforehand!

I cherish these conversations and find them to be one of the most valuable ways to grow & deepen my relationship with God… similar to how spending time chatting with girlfriends strengthens those relationships. If you are considering spiritual direction, but still unsure, please do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment right now with Julie (and God).  – Cypress, TX

I’ve known Julie in a variety of contexts for a number of years. One thing I’ve always noticed is her calm and peaceful spirit that comes from her close relationship with her beloved Jesus. Through Him, Julie offers a sweet invitation to everyone she meets to draw closer.

I have experienced Bible study, a day retreat, and short presentations of Julie’s. Each time, she shares as one who has a deep love for her Savior and a great appreciation for and knowledge of God’s Word, with ways to make it applicable to our daily lives. Julie’s welcoming spirit and caring heart is evident in her words and actions. She reflects the love and care of Jesus.  – Cypress, TX

When I first met with Julie, she mentioned that spiritual direction is a way of listening with one ear directed to the sojourner, and one ear for what God has to say. The presence of God is felt in the room, and we lift hands together and ask that God would reveal more of Himself that day. Spiritual direction is a way of listening, as God speaks, directs, and guides, and I’m so thankful for the ways He has revealed His character, as I’ve met with Julie for spiritual direction. His goodness, love, and grace abound.  – Japan


Peace radiates from this gentle and welcoming soul that is at rest and abiding with her Father. From the moment I met Julie, the love and tenderness of Christ can be easily seen and felt through her. As a spiritual director, she has helped nurture a sacred space our souls can journey together. Her listening heart and spiritual discernment has brought me much insight that I in return lift up and walk with God through. God has gifted her with wisdom and the ability to provide a question, word, phrase or Scripture that brings clarity to my individual journey. She meets you where you are, and joyfully follows where God is taking you. I cherish the relationship formed between us, with Christ in the center. Julie is a gift because of the One she treasures!  – Cypress, TX


I can’t describe with words how Julie has become a very important part of my personal and spiritual life. We always joke saying that she has the private phone number of Jesus because I can be praying about a particular issue for many days without hearing/understanding what He wants from me, but as soon I talk to Julie in our Spiritual Direction meetings, I can visualize almost immediately His response. 

She helps me feel at ease right away. She has such a sense of peace and compassion surrounding her; she’s easy to talk to, patient, and understanding. She never pushes her own agenda or opinion, but instead holds me in prayer, listens to me, and helps me to understand what God wants to tell me through His Word. 

She understands that everyone’s faith journey is different, and she will meet you where you are, with no judgement. I already feel better when I’m around her, before she even says a word. Julie has a definite gift, and would be the first not to take credit for it, but to give all the glory to God. She has helped me a lot and I’m so blessed to call her my friend and sister. – Houston, TX