New Life – New Site!

Beloved ones, I am writing to let you know that Dwell Ministries has become Dwell Formation and has a new web home — Come check us out! We are in the process of growing, so return from time to time and see how God is moving to provide you opportunities for soul care and spiritual wellbeing. Exciting new offerings are coming later this year, so sign up for my new monthly musings at “The Invitation.” You can sign up by going to the new website, scrolling down to the bottom, and entering your email address. Most importantly, God is reviving my spiritual direction and retreat ministry, so if you are interested in either, simply go to “book” in the navigation menu.

I look forward to being connected with you as one of your spiritual companions in this sacred journey of life together!



One thought on “New Life – New Site!

  1. Even though I got a sneak peek at this, getting the email is so exciting & makes it more “real”!!

    I am thrilled beyond words that God is reviving this incredibly important ministry that He has so beautifully gifted you to share with others, sweet friend.

    And now I am going to change into pjs, skip Prayer Night, cuddle up on my couch with my blanket & a cup of tea & simply sit & take in your new website as I listen for God & whatever He may want to say to me… because that is what just browsing your website placed on my heart… seriously!! 🥰🥰🥰

    I love you, sweet friend, & I will definitely want to schedule a Spiritual Direction session with you soon! 🤗💕




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