An Advent Longing

As our hearts turn toward Advent this weekend, we begin to prepare the space of our souls for the coming King.

From 2015-2017 I had the great joy and privilege of being in the Selah Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction, founded and directed by Susan Porterfield Currie. This was an experience that fed, nurtured, and developed my soul more than any other (and I have been graced with some wonderful spiritual opportunities over my 46 years).

If you receive LTI’s SILENCIO each month, then you already have what I am about to share in your inbox. But for all of you who do not, it is my great delight and honor to share this beautiful Advent message with you written by Sue Currie. She is a mentor and role model to me, and I can’t think of anyone better to kick off our Advent ponderings.

“Pregnancy” and “birth” have been the themes of the landscape of my soul as I launch a new ministry with my family and reflect upon Mary bringing forth my Lord and Savior. It seems to be a thread everywhere I turn…and here it is once again.

Thank you, Sue.


Blessed Advent to all.

Click this link to read:  SILENCIO December 2017, “Longing”

pregnant Mary praying
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