What feels invited…

Blessed companions, by the grace and goodness of our God I have completed my certification as a spiritual director and am transitioning my life to live more fully into this calling.  Exactly how this will look, I am unsure, but of what I am certain is the holy nudgings into this role of spiritual direction and formation of souls for God’s kingdom.

Video:  Julie’s commissioning by Selah faculty of Leadership Transformations, Inc.–June 2017

What feels invited by God as of now…

  • make myself available to more people for Spiritual Direction
  • set apart times for offering Spiritual Formation to small groups, teams, businesses, organizations, retreats, or churches with the following options:
    • Crafting a Rule of Life (12-week course…description)
    • Mansions of the Heart (12-week course…description)
    • Live into Your Createdness (12-week course…first book and second book)
    • Workshops on any of the above (one or two days highlighting key content)
    • Soul Care Retreats (day-long or overnight formats using LTI’s tools)

If you are intrigued to know more or sense God inviting you into any of these options, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss what interests you most and schedule a path that works for you.

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